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Tiny Thalia is practically the story of my life.  Having worked almost 20 years for one of the strongest American contemporary brand, I have had the opportunity to get a hands-on experience in selling modern, essential sophisticated easy to wear women’s clothing.
It was this background which has inspired me to share my experience with you.
When I started my maternity leave I was thinking 💭: babies should have the same treatment! Having Thalia has been the best feeling of my life,   Αs a mum I wanted the best for her, best fabrics, cool styles easy cozy to wear.
I did not find so much offer of “clean & and modern stuff “ and this is was the start of my project .
I hope you will enjoy Tiny Thalia tiny collection.
It’s made of essential styles that allow your little baby to enjoy his days , playing and sleeping in Comfortable fabric and design .
Fabrics are primarly 100% cotton, elastane is used to make them more comfortable.
With love and passion
X Tiny Thalia 
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